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Title: Icy Peril
Fandom: Angel
Characters: Angel/Cordelia, Connor, Fred, Gunn, Wesley.
Prompt: Angel (ATS), Angel & Cordy, "Connor, at his first ice hockey match"
Word Count: 328
Rating: G
Author's Notes: For the Shiny Happy Comment Ficathon. Original prompt found here. Does this mark Shana's return to fanfiction? Only time will tell.

"This was a terrible idea," Angel said. "I can't watch. Why did we let him do this?"

Cordelia pried his hands of the edge of the seat before he accidentally broke it. "You practically beat three moms down to get him a place on the team, remember?"

"I wasn't thinking! There are pucks! And ice! And skates are sharp!" Angel looked across the rink and caught Connor's eye. The little boy grinned cheerily and waved, nearly toppling over in the process.

"Clearly didn't inherit vampire grace," Cordelia said, smiling and waving back. "Stop worrying. You've been teaching him hockey since he was born." She put her hand over his and patted it gently.

He twisted his hand and took hers, squeezing gently. "I just can't watch him get hurt."

She nodded. "I know."

"Hey," Gunn said, sitting down behind them. "Has it started yet? Did we miss anything?"

Fred and Wesley sat next to him. "Here," Wesley said, handing Cordelia a hot chocolate. "Is Angel panicking?"

"No," Angel said sullenly.

"Little bit," Cordelia said.

Fred smiled and took a bite out of her hot dog. "I think it's exciting," she said. "Everyone all padded up and ready to play. Maybe we should wear pads when we fight. It'd probably be safer."

"Let's invest in more for Connor," Angel said.

"Hush," Cordelia said, squeezing his hand. "It's starting."

The kids took their positions on the ice. The referee blew the whistle, and the game began.

Slowly, Angel's death grip on Cordelia's hand loosened. Connor wasn't the best player, but then again, none of the five-year-olds were at professional levels. When Connor managed to get the puck in the net, Angel stood up and cheered louder than anyone else.

"Feeling better?" Cordelia asked as he sat down.

Angel nodded. "Yeah." He winced as Connor tripped and fell, then smiled in relief when he pushed himself right back up and kept going. "I can't wait to take him to Kings game!"
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