Jan. 2nd, 2011

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I just went through a lot of my old fics and f-locked the ones that made me ashamed. It was fun! And there were a lot that I actually thought were good, so that was fun too, and now I'm going to do the rereading stuff I wrote in the past thing.

And while I'm at it, I found these and these (both at least mildly NSFW) and felt inspired. So I've started a new meme!

Leave me a pairing, or just a character or two, and I'll write you a limerick.

It'll be awesome.

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I've been thinking about it lately.

Recently I went through my old fic and f-locked a lot of it. Most of the stuff I f-locked was slash. Some of the slash is still open, never fear! It was just... the really weird ones, I guess. And the ones that I look back on and wince. I once swore I'd never lock away my fic, but hey, times change, so do people.

Those of you who've been with this journal a long time know, I used to love slash. It was maybe 80% of what I wrote, with femslash and het and gen filling in the last 20%. My newer friends know me as someone who might occasionally express an interest but would never write or roleplay it. Unless it was canon. I'm a canon relationships stickler.

TL;DR about stuff under the cut. )

I guess the part that bugs me most is the people who like slash exclusively. But I've felt the same about people who only like het in the past, so the moral of the story is variety is good? I think I've pretty much decided that I should go back to being the Shana that doesn't give a damn what other people think. I'll write what I want, and it'll be awesome.

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