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Title: Sleepy Time
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Tim, Bernard
Rating: G
Word Count: 231
Prompt: 48. Light creation/control
Summary: Tim hates sunrise.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Part of JusticeVerse! Tim and Bernard are roommates here, but not actually dating. Tim's seeing Bart and Bernard's seeing Carol, actually. But that's not really important to this fic.

[The sun is rising] )

Title: Not Being Dead is Pretty Cool
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Kon/Steph
Word Count: 322
Rating: G
Summary: Kon and Steph aren't dead! Yay!
Author's Notes: [ profile] second_batgirl and I discovered we had a mutual love of Kon/Steph, and, well, I was inspired!

[Write about someone who's willing to make a mistake] )

Title: Paying Attention
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard/Tim
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 278
Prompt: 12. Enhanced smell
Summary: Tim can notice things he didn't when he was Robin
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch...

[Why did you wait?] )

Title: More?
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Dick/Roy, Lian
Rating: G
Word Count: 251
Prompt: 46. Healing of others
Summary: Lian and Dick want more ice cream. Roy says no.
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch... Because after [ profile] second_batgirl's angsty drabble, I felt the need for some fluff.

Read more... )
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Remember writing chat thingy?

It's back!

Go to the AIM chat writingchatthingy. If you need help, you can poke me at superexraye12.

Come on and do it! It is awesome madness! And this way we get more DC people there!
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Writingchatthingy, people! If you need help getting in, you can poke me at superexraye12.
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Another writing chat tomorrow at 2 at [ profile] pocky_slash's journal! Be there and drabble with us! Please?
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Writing Chat Thingy! Again, find all of these, and other awesome things (hi [ profile] axolotl_lan and [ profile] geministar01!) here. I'm again skipping wordcounts because they're all really freaking short.

Title: Incredibly Bored
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart/Tim/Kon
Rating: R
Notes: This one might be fleshed out someday. But not soon, most likely.

Write about passing time. )

Title: Welcome to the Team
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie, Babs
Rating: PG

Write about a promotion. )

Title: Headache
Fandom: Green Lantern
Characters: Guy/Hal
Rating: PG

Write about an injury. )

Title: Flying
Fandom: Harry Potter/Young Justice
Characters: Kon/Sirius
Rating: PG-13

Write about a justifiable sin. )

Title: Not Enough Time
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Booster/Ted, Tora
Rating: PG

Write about something to hold on to. )

Title: Bet You'd Bottom
Fandom: Marvel
Characters: Cable/Deadpool
Rating: PG-13

Write about fragments. )
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Join the chatroom Writingchatthingy on AIM. More information at the link. Seriously, it's a party.
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From Writing Chat Thingy and Drabble requests.

I'm not going to put a word count in because I'm lazy and I don't have these anywhere not online. But they're all really short.

Writing Chat Thingy:

Title: More Interesting Than Batman
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart/Tim
Rating: G

[Write about a guessing game that goes wrong.] )

Title: January Blossoms
Fandom: Impulse
Characters: Bart/Carol
Rating: PG

[Write about the first flowers.] )

Title: Becoming Batgirl
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie
Rating: PG

[Write about yearning] )

Title: Swear't
Fandom: Hamlet
Characters: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: PG

[Write about the first one to quit] )

There's also a Bart/Tim/Kon bit that I'm going to expand then post because it really wasn't done. And an original piece that was kind of crap, but sort of a preview to the webcomic I may or may not be working on.


Drabble Requests!

Title: Chills
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Steph/Tim
Rating: G

For roguecatwoman )

Title: I Do
Fandom: Titans
Characters: Roy/Dick, Lian
Rating: G

For ilyena_sylph )

Title: Skinny Dipping
Fandom: Young Jusitce
Characters: Bart/Tim/Cass
Rating: PG-13

for greeneyelove )

Title: You're It!
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Tim/Cass/Steph
Rating: PG

for milleniumrex )

Title: Ice Cream
Fandom: Titans
Characters: Charlie/M'Gann
Rating: G

For cissie_king )

Title: Drunk
Fandom: Justice Riders
Characters: Booster/Beetle, Peej
Rating: PG-13

For phoenixfire_lia )

Title: Privacy
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Slobo/Tim
Rating: PG

For zenithjolt )

Then there's just the one for [ profile] anthraciteowl, which will be written as soon as they answer my question thing.
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Alright, people! Writing Chat Thingy is go! All information/posting at the link. Come on! I want other comic fans in here writing with me!

The chatroom is called writingchatthingy. Invite yourself. If you need help, you can IM me at superexraye12. Please? It's a party there!
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Guys! There's another writing chat thingy on Sunday, June 1 at 6PM EST! Watch [ profile] pocky_slash's journal for the post and place! I'll probably put another link there, too.
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Title: Avocado
Rating: G
Pairing: Harley/Ivy
Author's Note: Ah, Harley and Ivy.
[Write about what's in your coat pocket.] )

Title:Dead Ant
Rating: PG
Pairing: Bruce/Selina
Author's Note The title amused me too much not to use. I don't know when this takes place, but it's not current canon, clearly.
[Write about the one who got away and regretted it.] )

Title:Fire Hazard
Rating: G
Pairing: Spider-Man/Human Torch
Author's Note: This might be the first time I've written these two, but given the prompt, I couldn't resist. Also, woah, short fic.
[something's burning] )

Title:Damsel in Distress
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Bernard/Tim/Steph
Author's Note: I was working on Spoiled when this prompt came up. My mind went there. Um, I guess this can count for [ profile] greeneyelove's threesomes or more challenge?
[It's an emergency.] )

ETA one more!
Title: No Healing Factor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Bart/Tim/Kon
Author's Note: Actually wrote this one a while ago and never really shared it. So here!
[Explain the Bruise] )

In other news, I'm currently almost done with one of my OTP prompts, working on the other two, and working on my [ profile] xmenfirstclass fic.

I'm also part-way done with the third part of Spoiled. I'd go faster if I didn't have these other things with a due date.

And I'm trying to write my Bart hooker fic with Anita as his pimp where he runs off with Carol, and it's turning out to be severely less cracky and more depressing than it ought to be with that description. I'm not sure if I'll keep writing it or start over and make it lighter and funnier. Everyone's kind of out of character, but it's not so much because I'm writing them wrong as that I think they'd be different people in this universe. Bart is not a happy, innocent kid because he's living on the streets selling his body for money. And Anita-the-Pimp is damn tough. Carol's herself, though.
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Various chatwriting thingy ficlets!

Title: Surprise!
Prompt: Open the Box
Fandom: Young Justice
Pairing: Bart/Tim
Rating: G
Original post

Surprise! )

Title: Murder
Prompt: Write about someone who sinned.
Fandom: Justice Riders
Pairing: Diana, Wally
Rating: PG
Original Post.

Murder )

Title: Zounds!
Prompt: Write about a balcony
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Cable/Deadpool
Rating: PG-13
Original Post.

Zounds! )

Title: The Ultimate Long Distance Relationship
Prompt: I carried it in my pocket
Fandom: Marvel/DCU
Pairing: Jubilee/Robin
Rating: PG
Original Post.

It's canon, bitches! )

Title: Flaming Pencils
Prompt: Returning Takes Too Long
Fandom: Impulse
Pairing: Bart/Carol
Rating: G
Original Post.

Flaming Pencils )

Title: I Love You
Prompt: Write a daydream
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Booster/Beetle
Rating: G
Original Post.

I Love You )
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So last night I participated in a chat write thing hosted by [ profile] pocky_slash, and it was fun, so some people are doing it again now! Want to play?

We're in the AIM chat "writingchatthingy." If you don't know how to get into a chat, drop me a line at superexraye12 and I'll invite you in.

This post is going to be used to post responses to the prompts. Please post Prompt: Fandom - Pairing as the subject of your comment, just so I can keep things straight.

It will work like this: I will post a prompt and set a timer and you will have fifteen minutes to write a ficlet in response. It can be fannish or original, I don't particularly care. At the end of the fifteen minutes, we will pause to talk about how awesome we all are and then start again from the beginning.

So. I'm going to post this and I hope to see some of you soon!

(Pst! DC writers, join us! I'm lonely in here!)
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My friends at [ profile] shoebox_chat linked me to this post by [ profile] pocky_slash. What was it? Chatwriting! Unfortunately I was the only person who was writing comics, but that's okay! It was fun anyway!

I joined late, so I only wrote two ficlets. They're both probably G.

Write about a time when the lights went out.
X-Men First Class - Wanda/Jean.

Look! More JusticeVerse!

Write about a time you cried.
JusticeVerse - Bart/Tim, Kon/Cassie.

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