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So, the holidays are fast approaching! For those of us that have been my friend for over a year, you may recall that last holiday I had a Fic Exchange. Of DOOM. And now it's been long enough that I've forgotten how stressful and difficult running it was, and my vows never to run anything ever again.

Are people interested? I know my f-list has changed a lot since I moved away from comics and towards Buffy, so this year it probably would be less... all DC comics. Knowing my people, I'd say there'd be some Buffy, some Supernatural, some Heroes, some DC Comics, some Smallville, some... stuff I'm not thinking of.

How it works is you put a long list of all the fandoms and pairings and fic kinks you like into an awesome form that I will put up, as well as stuff that makes you want to kick babies. Then the person who gets your list writes you something... I suppose I could make it write/draw/manip/icon/music mixes if people wanted, I just automatically assume writing, but you give it to the person. It's different from other ficathons because you don't prompt. You get surprised! I get to MC and make sure everyone gets someone who has at least some matching interests, and then I bother people to finish towards the end, and make amusing shouty posts and all that awesome stuff. And make lists. Lists are cool.

Anyway, do people want to do this? Because I think it'd be fun.

And you can also ask questions because I'm sure I wasn't horribly clear.
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Man, that Doom mod really sucks. Shouldn't there have been a collection post by now? Fail, doom mod, fail.

...wait, that's me, isn't it? Oops.

SO I'M PRETENDING THAT WAS ON PURPOSE. [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] aravistarkheena! FINISH YOUR STORIES SO I CAN POST THE COLLECTION POST. I was TOTALLY waiting on you, not just being forgetful!
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Title: Alert the Presses
Pairing/Characters: Dana/Terry, Batman Beyond ensemble
Recipient: [ profile] zoe_chan!
Holiday Well-wishes: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Rating: PG
Word count: 3126
Summary: Dana and Terry just broke up. AGAIN.
Author's Note/Warnings: AHAHAHA I AM TOTALLY ON TIME.
Beta: Thank you to [ profile] xenokattz!
Favorite edible plant matter: clementines ftw

''I don't know why I've put up with you this long, McGinnis.'' )
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There are 31 days in December, right? I am right about this, aren't I? I'm not always good at this "days" thing. But yes, this is correct. That means you have FOUR DAYS to finish and post your Doom fic! DON'T FORGET TO POST THE LINK HERE! If you don't, I will be very displeased!

If for some reason you will need an extension, now would be the time to tell me! Same with if you need to drop out! BUT PLEASE JUST FINISH ON TIME AND POST FOR THE SAKE OF MY POOR SANITY!

People who can ignore this because they have finished and done everything they're supposed to:

[ profile] milleniumrex
[ profile] shiny_glor_chan
[ profile] faile_neume
[ profile] dixid

EVERYONE ELSE! DO YOUR FIC! Oh, I'm not on that list, am I? Whoops...
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You want a Yuletide letter? You GOT a Yuletide letter.

And because I don't want that to be the only content of this post, Scott and Barda being cute. )


When you're done, follow these guidelines to post your fic ON LIVEJOURNAL and then link me here. There's been some whining about my rules and stuff, and I'm sorry if you don't like posting to LJ or getting someone to beta. I'm running it, I don't have many rules, but follow them. If you don't like them, next year you can run the damn exchange. MAKE ME HAPPY AND I MIGHT DO THIS AGAIN. There are only ten of us, this can't be too complicated. Now behave or I'll start smashing my head against things in agony and it won't be pretty.


Dec. 22nd, 2009 01:15 am
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Anyone capable of pinch-hitting?

Replies will be screened. I'll email you if we can use you.

ETA Never mind! We're all good.
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I've got last minute homework that ISN'T WORKING, Yuletide, Doom, Character Cards, Present buying, and normal RPing/twitter stuff. AGH MY BRAIN.

Some note-type stuff.

PLEASE POST YOUR DOOM FICS TO LIVEJOURNAL. I did not know this would be something I needed to say! But it makes things simpler and uniform and I'm in a stressed out mood DO NOT ARGUE THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. Post them other places too, but THIS ISN'T YULETIDE, STOP CONFUSING ME.

I've written 15 cards to fictional people today. First I wrote to all the people Dick would write to on the list, then I said hell with it, this is Dick, he'd get all Christmas spirity and write to EVERYONE. Some of the cards are pretty short, some of them have crappy drawings, but I'm going to spend a fortune on postage. Also, Bek, are we going to scan cards in or something? I want to see what everyone got!


Okay. I think I'm good.

Also, I hate Christmas music. And the world.

Cake is good, though.

Oh, if people want coupon thingies, I have some, I guess.
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Post links to your fic here so that I can make a shiny list!

Do not post questions, words of praise, or offers of chocolate here. There are other posts for that!

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Okay. Some people need betas. Great, good, fine. Ummm. Here's the deal.

Comment here if you are willing to beta.

(Note, this is open to people who aren't part of the fic exchange too. I've got a big f-list! Some of you have to like betaing, right?)

So yes. Anyone who can POSSIBLY beta, comment here. Put your name and preferred method of contact. Yes, there's replying via LJ comment, but for whatever reason, people might want to be sneakier than that.

People who need betas?

Pick and choose!
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It comes to my attention that some of the people in this ficathon are insane. I'm referring to [ profile] aravistarkheena, who apparently has either finished or come close enough to finishing that she plans to start posting THIS WEEKEND. She's crazy. Point is, I figured I should slap up some guidelines about posting and the proper etiquette. Or something. Why am I running this thing? I'm disorganized as fuck.


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theI AM meme

...I like being compared to characters. ¬_¬

Ummmmm... something else interesting I can say.



This message brought to you by Deadpool Reminders (tm).
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We are now CLOSED. That means if you want in, it's WAY TOO LATE! (Or email me anyway and see if you can sneak in, which you probably can if I haven't sent out assignments yet.)

Assignments will probably be out by Wednesdayish. Or something.


ETA: I LIED. I'm sending them out tonight and if you're too late, better luck next year!
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23132 / 50000 words. 46% done!

My second best day. I didn't quite make 6000 words. But I got pretty close!

I have some random comment fics that I keep failing to post. Maybe that'll go up soon so I can have content other than HEY, DID YOU REALIZE I WRITE A LOT?

OH. And speaking of which, it's becoming close to that time when I close the FIC EXCHANGE (Of doom)! Get your entries in!

What do you think? Should I advertise? I wasn't going to, but it might be nice to have a few more people... I could also make a list of the people we have so far. Or something. I dunno.

Finally changed my NaNoWriMo tag. Because this year it hasn't been woes. It's been win.
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I was reading through some old YJ, saw this scan, and thought of [ profile] milleniumrex. So I made an icon!

Have two more icons too.

...I've got a lot of other icons I've made sitting around on photobucket that I'll eventually post. But blah, lazy. Tell me if there's something you want, I might have it.

ALSO. SIGN UP FOR THE FIC EXCHANGE (of Doom)! We need more exchangers! I mean, we don't actually. I'm cool with it staying small. But I figure some people probably want to sign up and haven't yet, so I'm gently reminding you. DO IT! MOST EASY GOING FIC EXCHANGE IN EXISTENCE! IT'LL BE AWESOME.
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There are a lot of fic exchanges going around now. Between Yuletide, JBBS, and Three Ships, it's a little hard to pick which ones to do!

So I feel like making all your lives (and mine) a little harder! I'm making a new fic exchange! I call it the FIC EXCHANGE (of Doom). This is why I don't usually make titles.

This one's gonna be be a little different from those other ones. See, I'm a pretty casual kind of girl. I don't like putting too much effort into things. I also like writing things for people, but I don't like being told what I HAVE to write. I inevitably am given something that technically I can write but that I'm not so good at writing. Wouldn't it be better if you could look at what your person wants and write something that works with both your interests and theirs?

So what's going to happen here is you're going to email me at by November 9th. If you can't make it by then, give me a comment, but really, that's two weeks, you can make it. You will include this information!

The form with snarky commentary (of doom)! )

Just in case that wasn't clear enough, I will fill it out RIGHT HERE AND NOW where you can watch!

My Form (of doom)! )

"But, Shana!" You say, "This is all very well, but shouldn't you have some RULES?" To which I reply, "SCREW THE RULES! ANARCHY FOR ALL!" And after a long discussion on the benefits of government, I concede your point and set out a few guidelines.

THE RULES (of Doom)!

-Requests are due by November 9. Any later than that and I WILL STAB YOU WITH FIRE*.
-Stories are due December 31, 2009 at 11:59. If you are late, again, stabbed with fire*.
-GET YOUR STORY BETA'D. If you can't find one through the usual channels, send me a note and I'll hook you up with someone.
-There's not really a length rule, but if it's longer than a thousand words, that'd be cool.
-If you need to drop out, shoot me an email and I'll give it to a pinch hitter.
-On December 31, post your story and email/comment to me with a link. I'll make a big post about it. This is a Secret Santa thing, but I'm not doing the "posting all of them anonymously" thing.
-I don't want this to be huge because it will give me a headache. Anyone can play, and you can advertise to your friends who you know would like it or whatever, but I'm not going out of my way to get more people.
-If you're not sure if your recipient will like your fic, look at their journal and see if it's similar to what they've written. If you're still not sure, ask me.
-You don't need to include the words (of Doom!) after everything, but if you want you can.

Any other questions (of doom)? Ask me here!

*Stabbing with fire = be fine with that, but shoot me a comment or an email so I know if you don't mind.

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