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Title: Worst Christmas Ever
Fandom: Buffy Season 6
Characters: Spike and Dawn
Rating: So G it hurts.
For: Brandi!
Summary: Buffy's got to go out on a hunt on Christmas Eve, and leaves Dawn with Spike to be babysitter.

Holiday Fic #1! )
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Anyone else spending it at home? We can do the party thing again.

To those out partying... hope 2011's a good year!


Dec. 31st, 2009 09:00 pm
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SO. I'm unlikely the only person on my f-list without any New Year's plans. By which I mean at least two of you are definitely at home. Does this mean we should LANGUISH?


Let's make our own revelry! FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY I'll be taking prompts that I'll actually fill! Prompt anything! If I don't like the pairing, I'll make it gen! If I don't like the character, I'll stab him with his own arrows!

Feel free to answer other people's prompts too! Or post random fic-type things without prompts! Or post stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is entertaining!


Doom fic index will go up as soon as I have all of them in/am awake. Currently only two people don't have them in. [ profile] lady_sarai is sick and gets an extension, but [ profile] museofspeed has no excuse. Shame on her, SHAME.



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Title: Flaming Punch
Author: [ profile] museofspeed
Claim: Blue Beetles
Characters/Pairing: Ted/Booster
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1364
Prompt: 8. Event
Summary: There's a party at JLI headquarters. Wacky hijinks ensue.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It's tragic.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Took me forever to post this, agh. Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for beta'ing! Originally posted here for [ profile] boostlethon. Also, bad jokes. I should warn for that, right?

Ted sighed dramatically. ''I thought of asking Tora, but I'm afraid she'd just give me the cold shoulder.'' )

As a bonus, have a Halloween comment fic:

Title: Blue Beetle's Stupid
Author: [ profile] museofspeed
Claim: Blue Beetles
Characters/Pairing: Milagro Reyes
Rating: G
Word Count: 653
Prompt: 27. Manipulate
Summary: Milagro wants Jaime to take her trick-or-treating.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes/Warnings:

''Guy Gardner is not stupid! He was brain damaged and it's not his fault and he's better now!'' )
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Okay, I've been sitting on this for a while, and it isn't quite ready to post, but I'm WAY TOO EXCITED to keep quiet any longer. Because seriously, this is one of the best fics I've ever written. Hell, possibly the best. This will freaking redefine the term fanfiction. God, I can't believe I've written this, it's amazing.

Anyway, it's a Babs/Commissioner Gordon fic. Now, don't get freaked out, I know it's far from my normal pairing, but give it a chance. It's all about unconventional love and two people finding a connection in a new way. I think you guys will really like it. It was weird writing it. I kind of hate incest, and so the sex scene made me feel... wrong, but I felt I needed to explore how incest could work. I love taking tropes I hate and turning them on their head. And I think it worked out... shockingly well.

[ profile] julius12 has it in her inbox now and should edit it soon. I'm hoping to post the first part tomorrow.

You have no idea how psyched I am for this. Man, I've had so much trouble not telling people about it until now. I couldn't keep quiet.

I hope you guys like it!

ETA: APRIL FOOLS! Not really writing this, you guys.
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Title: They Don't Have Valentine's Day on Krypton
Fandom: Teen Titans
Characters: Kon/Cassie, Bart/Carol, Tim, Ted.
Prompt: [ profile] random_30: 12. Not what you're looking for. [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 24. Amazons Attack.
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Valentine's Day. And Cassie's boyfriend is not doing his boyfriendly duty.
Author's Notes: For the Superboy Valentine's Day Challenge! And thanks, as always, to [ profile] julius12

…or not. Bart got flowers? Bart? Really? )
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Title: Evol Noitop
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bernard/Tim, Zatanna
Prompt: #5. Love Potion
Word Count: 1000 exactly
Rating: PG
Summary: Apparently putting a love potion in Tim's private water bottle was not the wisest of ideas.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] tim_bernard's Valentine Day Challenge! ETA: AND THANKS [ profile] julius12!

''My darling Drake, what will it take'' Bernard said. ''No… that doesn't sound quite right. Tim, my love, like fire from above… that makes him sound evil.'' )
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Title: Speeding Dreidels
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart/Tim
Prompt: 73. Light
Word Count: 2537
Rating: PG
Summary: Bart celebrates Hanukkah with Tim.
Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] heartbart Twelve Days challenge! I'm the fifth day. Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for betaing!

''There is no Hanukkah fairy, stupid,'' Bart said. He looked up at Tim and grinned, suddenly by Tim's side. ''Tell him there's no Hanukkah fairy. Tim's Jewish. He knows.'' )
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Title: Christmas Trees in the 31st Century.
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Iris, Bart, Jenni, Don, Dawn, Meloni, Jeven.
Word Count: 614
Rating: G
Summary: Iris' family celebrates Christmas.
Author's Notes: Originally this was going to be part of my Twelve Days challenge fic, but in the end I cut it out. It was cute, though, so I thought I'd share. Thanks as always to the incomparable [ profile] julius12, and enjoy!

They heard a giggle, and Dawn caught Bart an instant before he crawled into the tree at like a miniature freight train. )
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Title: Fireworks
Fandom/Claim: DC Comics/Tim Drake
Pairing: Tim/Jubilee
Rating: PG
Word Count: 400
Prompt: Xover
Summary: The Fourth of July reminds Tim of something, but he's not sure what.
Author's Notes: Happy July 4, everybody! Okay, it's only July 4 for twelve more minutes, but hey, better late than never!

Tim shook his head to clear it. It was like trying to remember a dream. Or maybe the dream of a friend, already incomplete, but even more fractured with the retelling. )
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Title: Christmas in the Spring
Fandom: Marvel
Characters: Cable/Deadpool, Weasel, Irene Merryweather.
Word Count: 800
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Some writers have no sense of good timing.
Author's Notes: Woah, Marvel fic! Warnings for wall-breaking. Also, in honor of the fact that it's a Cable/Deadpool fic, Deadpool will be answering your comments.

''Massage oil,'' Wade said, rolling his eyes. ''Well, at-sign-number-sign-percent-ampersand you.'' )
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Title: Delicious Math
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Impulse, Robin, Superboy.
Prompt: 33. Too Much.
Word Count: 425
Rating: G
Summary: Robin cooks, and a lesson in mathematics is learned by all. Except maybe Superboy.
Author's Notes: I'll post the rest of my Tim/Bernard thing later, but I couldn't let Pi Day go uncelebrated! Happy Pi Day, everyone. May your day be filled with circles.

Robin looked at his batwatch and pulled the pie out of the oven. )
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Title: Chocolate Masks
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie, Babs.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic50: 9. Smile.
Word Count: 280
Rating: G
Summary: Barbara's busy, but Charlie wants to show her something!
Notes: Vaguely written for [ profile] bradygirl_12's Chocolate Challenge, though it might be too late. Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for the beta!

I have nothing clever to say here. )
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Title: Heart
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Cass/Steph, Babs/Dinah
Word Count: 500
Summary: Cass visits Steph on Valentine's Day.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] julius12. I hate first person fics, which is clearly why this ended up being in first person. Written for [ profile] merfilly's Valentine's Day Challenge.

Pink...hearts? )
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Title: Days Past
Fandom: Hamlet
Rating: PG
Characters: Hamlet/Horatio
Summary: Horatio is there for Hamlet.
Author's Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] julius12, of course. Written for [ profile] shakespeare140's gift exchange for TheSilentPoet. Originally posted here.

Angst... )
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Title: Tim Remembers
Characters: Tim, Kon, Cissie, Bart, Cassie, Snapper, Greta, Anita
Rating: PG
Summary: Several moments in Tim's life with Young Justice and beyond.
Author's Notes: Written for Lady Sarai & Zoe-chan in the [ profile] jbbs gift exchange. Beta'd by the lovely [ profile] julius12. Can also be found here.

''Yeah, dude!'' Superboy said. ''They're girls!'' )
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Stole this from [ profile] teh_no

Compose a letter to Santa as a character of your choice from a fandom of your choice.

Dear Santa Claus,


Sorry, Santa. It's tough living with a shadowy computer genius hacker person. It's a good thing she's on our side, but you'd never know if she wasn't because she can probably hack into your lists and change her name from the "naughty" list to the "nice" list.

Anyways, that's not the point. The point is that for Christmas I'd like an end too all crime, food for the hungry, and to finally be allowed to KICK SOME BADGUY ASS.

Since this is all on Oracle whether or not I can do that, can I ask for one of those giant supercomputers she drools over for her? And Oracle, if you're still reading this even though I asked you to stop, see? I'm totally asking for you too!

I'd also like some new Misfitarangs. I don't have that many and Oracle refuses to buy them for me.

Charlie Gage-Radcliffe AKA Misfit
Age 16 (Almost)
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Title: Super Kids Eat a Lot of Turkey.
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart/Tim, Max, Cassie, Cissie, Greta, Snapper, Anita, Red Tornado.
Prompt: 93. Thanksgiving
Word Count: 541
Rating: Oh so very G
Summary: Thanksgiving at Young Justice Headquarters.
Author's Notes: Holiday special! Very, very fluffy. Beta'd by [ profile] julius12 as always. Title has very little to do with the story.

Adorable thankfulness! )

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