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Because let's face it, the old one was a mess.

I'm not adding all the fics found here to this, but this is where all new tables and fics and whathaveyou will be collected. If you want the old stuff, check the tags or the post I just linked.

And yes, in theory this means I'm writing again. :-)

Whirlwind Seven Deadly Sins Table. )

Angel/Buffy/Spike 3_way table. )

Seven Buffy Snogs )
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Where young American wizards go to learn magic!

This is the AU [ profile] milleniumrex and I are writing! It mostly features Young Justice, but hell, everyone's showing up in this crazy Harry Potter AU!

There are, of course differences. AIMS only goes for four years, starting at fourteen.

This here's a collection post and cast list.

And this is the thread that started it all.

The fics! )

Escape: Kon's Story.

The Cast! )
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Welcome to the JusticeVerse! The main thing you have to know about this universe is that Young Justice didn't break up. A lot of other things happened too, but that's where it begins.

List of fics )

The Guidebook: Potential Spoilers Ahead! )

Back to the rest of my stuff.
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So I've had a bit of a tendency to leave my works in progress undone and move on to new things. Comes of having absolutely no atten...oooh, look at the butterfly![Poll #1146911]

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