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Title: Sleepy Time
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Tim, Bernard
Rating: G
Word Count: 231
Prompt: 48. Light creation/control
Summary: Tim hates sunrise.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Part of JusticeVerse! Tim and Bernard are roommates here, but not actually dating. Tim's seeing Bart and Bernard's seeing Carol, actually. But that's not really important to this fic.

[The sun is rising] )

Title: Not Being Dead is Pretty Cool
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Kon/Steph
Word Count: 322
Rating: G
Summary: Kon and Steph aren't dead! Yay!
Author's Notes: [ profile] second_batgirl and I discovered we had a mutual love of Kon/Steph, and, well, I was inspired!

[Write about someone who's willing to make a mistake] )

Title: Paying Attention
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard/Tim
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 278
Prompt: 12. Enhanced smell
Summary: Tim can notice things he didn't when he was Robin
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch...

[Why did you wait?] )

Title: More?
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Dick/Roy, Lian
Rating: G
Word Count: 251
Prompt: 46. Healing of others
Summary: Lian and Dick want more ice cream. Roy says no.
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch... Because after [ profile] second_batgirl's angsty drabble, I felt the need for some fluff.

Read more... )
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Title: Oh God, My Eyes!
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart Allen/Tim Drake, Iris West.
Prompt: For [ profile] fanfic100: 10. Years. For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 31. Rapid Reflexes.
Word Count: 1130
Rating: R
Summary: Bart and Tim celebrate their anniversary.
Author's Notes: It's JusticeVerse! Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for the beta, of course. Also, Iris' costume looks something like this. Also, this is my fiftieth Bart/Tim fic for [ profile] fanfic100! This is indeed a glorious accomplishment, and I have exciting festivities planned which I will detail in the next post I make!

He'd have to forbid Bart from using the stove. )
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Last two I made! And probably the last two until I get really bored and start using the Hero Machine again. So have the Lance-Gordon siblings!

Jimmy Daniel Gordon )

Sin Lance-Gordon )
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More JusticeVerse art! This time made mostly with the all-Portuguese Fabrica de herois! Though some are made with the regular old hero machine.

Mar'i Grayson! )

Helena Kyle-Wayne! )

Junior Carter-Kord! )

And that's all for now! Tune in next time for...whoever the hell else I make!
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Okay, so you know how I can't draw, right? Luckily, I don't have to! Thanks to Hero Machine I can make pictures of my characters without ever having to lift a pencil! Sure, it's a little limited, but hell, I'll take what I can get!

So have a JusticeVerse picture! Iris West, AKA Haste!

Iris West and character assessment below the cut! )

Expect more of these at some point!
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Title: Too Damned Nice
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Rose Wilson (Ravager)/Charlie Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit)
Prompt: For [ profile] fanfic50: 16. Bath.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1600
Summary: Charlie can't figure out why Rose is being so mean to her. She endeavors to find out.
Author's Notes: Porn! Not just porn, JusticeVerse porn! Thanks to [ profile] xlickthespark for the beta!

''Oh, stop it,'' Rose said. ''I'm naked, deal with it.'' )
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Dammit, why don't the characters do what I want them to do? Iris West in JusticeVerse is supposed to be Kid Flash like in Kingdom Come, but she isn't listening to me! She likes Bart better than Wally! She wants to become the next Impulse, or something! I guess in a functional family with a dad who loves her and is proud of her, she doesn't try as hard to impress her dad. Of course, now I need to figure out what to call her. She seems to like the name Haste. Momentum and Haste. Seems to work.

Also, Sue and Ralph have two kids now. Arthur Dibny and Nancy Dibny. Nancy's just a baby, but Arthur's part of the Superbuddies as Stretch. And Carol and Bernard have hooked up. Also, Jimmy Lance-Gordon is now Barbara and Ted's son. More geeky genes!

Question: Would it be weird for Cassie and Kon to name their baby Tana?
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Title: Family Secrets
Fandom: Robin
Characters: Jack/Dana, Tim/Bart.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic100: 28. Children
Word Count: 1250
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim's got something important to tell his parents.
Author's Notes: Another JusticeVerse fic!

''Please, Dana,'' Tim said, his voice sounding strained. ''Just meet me with Dad. I promise, I'll explain everything.'' )
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Title: Make Way for the New Girl Wonder.
Fandom: Batman.
Characters: Helena Kyle-Wayne, Tim Drake, Oracle, Two-Face, Steph Brown/Cass Cain, Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Commissioner Renee Montoya.
Prompt: [ profile] wtf27: 17. Trading Places.
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: G.
Summary: Jason's costume is missing (again), and Helena's missing too. And Two-Face is attacking a toilet paper warehouse. Tim's only been Batman for six months and Bruce is going to kill him if his little girl gets hurt.
Author's Note: Yet another JusticeVerse fic! Thanks for [ profile] julius12 for the speedy Beta.

''This toilet paper is under my protection.'' )
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My friends at [ profile] shoebox_chat linked me to this post by [ profile] pocky_slash. What was it? Chatwriting! Unfortunately I was the only person who was writing comics, but that's okay! It was fun anyway!

I joined late, so I only wrote two ficlets. They're both probably G.

Write about a time when the lights went out.
X-Men First Class - Wanda/Jean.

Look! More JusticeVerse!

Write about a time you cried.
JusticeVerse - Bart/Tim, Kon/Cassie.
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Title: Mr. Sandsmark
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Cassie/Kon, Bart/Tim.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic100: 84. He
Word Count: 440
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cassie and Kon are getting married. Problem is, they both want to share a last name, and Cassie doesn't want to become Cassie Kon-El.
Author's Notes: Part of JusticeVerse! All you really need to know is that Young Justice never broke up, and if you want to know why, you can read The Future Was Then. Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for the Beta.

''I'm not going to become Cassie-El. That sounds stupid.'' )
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Welcome to the JusticeVerse! The main thing you have to know about this universe is that Young Justice didn't break up. A lot of other things happened too, but that's where it begins.

List of fics )

The Guidebook: Potential Spoilers Ahead! )

Back to the rest of my stuff.
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Title: The Future Was Then
Fandom: Young Justice/Teen Titans
Characters: Greta, Slobo, Anita, Kon, Bart, Tim, Cassie. Rose, Jaime, Eddie, M'gann, Tim, Cassie. Cissie, Anita, Greta, Lagoon Boy.
Pairings: Tim/Cassie/Kon, past Kon/Tana, Kon/Cassie, Bart/Tim.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic100: 79. When? [ profile] wtf27: 19. Timeshift.
Word Count: 4000
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Young Justice is stranded in time! Luckily, there's a Titans Tower nearby. The Titans are always dependable, right? They're the good guys, right? They haven't been changed through bad writing and crises to the point at which they're no longer the happy, fun team we're used to, right? They wouldn't forget their old friends. Right?
Author's Notes: This is not the beginning of a work in progress. It is a one shot. That being said, this is setting up an AU I've been working on that I like to call JusticeVerse for lack of a better title. I've got a lot of other one shots in this JusticeVerse that I've written and sent to my beta, so expect more! Also, this is AU, so I can ignore the inconsistencies in my Young Justice timeline. Like I think they actually should know Robin's real name at this point, but it was more convenient for them not to. Also, thank you to [ profile] julius12 for beta-ing.

''There're these golden statues out front. One's Wally but I don't know the other guy. The Titans...'' Bart's eyes widened. ''No way. Rose!'' )

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