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Sometimes I am a good person!

Hopefully this time I won't fail miserably like I did at the marriage auction. (Person who won? If you see this, I'm willing to refund you or something. I can keep attempting, but I don't know. I fail at life.)

Also, because I haven't done it yet:

Fan cliche meme thing. )
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This week at [ profile] comment_fic they're asking for canon pairings. Now, I happen to love canon pairings. And even better, at the end of this week, I very well might be taking part in the lonely prompts challenge for the first time ever so that I don't run out of my scant month left of paid time! (Assuming I don't step back and let [ profile] shiny_glor_chan take it, but this is probably my last chance before school, soooo we'll see.) The point is, prompt! And then continue prompting all week! They're being very lenient with what is considered canon. [ profile] saavikam77 asked for Tim/Bernard (which I love her for and I will be filling that prompt on Saturday if no one has gotten to it first.) I also asked for Cable/Deadpool and Booster/Beetle. Because they really are about as canon as you get. Soooo now is the time! Ask for things I like and there is a very good chance they will be filled! GO! GO! GO!
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You know what the world needs?


Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a community for 'em?

WELL GUESS WHAT? THERE IS! [ profile] dcx3!

Something shiny to the first person who writes and posts some Dick/Roy/Kon!

Sometimes I have these strange cravings, okay?

That's [ profile] dcx3!

PS Also, write Kon threesomes without Dick in 'em. He's five behind Dick and we're trying to get him to catch up.
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Hey, F-List? Go over to [ profile] comment_fic right now and give some prompts about costumes, okay? It's such a perfect superhero theme!

I asked for Dick/Kon, Dick/Barbara, and Scott/Barda. Because sometimes I just feel the need to ask for stuff I never ask for.
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Do you like Tim/Bernard?

You know you do.

Maybe you've been thinking, "gee, I'd love to write some Tim/Bernard, but goshdarnit, the right challenge just hasn't popped up!"

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Remember last April when I decided Kon needed more love? Well, I meant to do that again this April, but I forgot! So this year, MAY IS PUT KON IN AN UNUSUAL PAIRING MONTH!

Now I will copy-paste and edit my rules from last year!

UNUSUAL PAIRING MONTH! What does this mean? It means you should write a story or draw a picture about Kon with someone he isn't usually paired with! For instance, Last year I wrote both a Kon/Bernard and a Kon/Dick story. Very unusual pairings, those! However Kon/Tim? Not so unusual. Got it? And, of course, crossovers are allowed.

Kon/Tana, Kon/Knockout, Kon/Cassie and Kon/Serling are all allowed because although they are canon, there are very few fics about them, if any.

Wondering if your pairing is rare? Check the [ profile] dcfic_index! If there are...say...less than ten? Pretty rare. Less than 5? Very rare. None? You win. Have a cookie.

Post your fics or pictures here when you're done, and in early June I'll make a masterlist.


And don't forget to post your stuff to [ profile] ttk_is_hot!

Mini RPs!

Feb. 19th, 2009 12:40 pm
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I love RPing. However, there are two problems I often have with it. First of all, I want to play everyone. Second of all, I hate applying and huge amounts of rules and that sort of thing. I'm in a roleplay right now that's pretty fun. ([ profile] on_thecouch. Join it! We need more DC people!) But even as unstructured as that can be, there's one RPing community I've discovered which I think has the potential to be even more random crazy fun. It's very new, but check out [ profile] mini_rps.

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get myself into a new RP community, but then I read this in the userinfo:

The Final Word

I think of this community as the sketch-comedy/improv equivalent of the grand theater that is online roleplay. Self contained and minimally scripted. Therefore I share with you the single best piece of improv advice I've ever received. This came from an improv teacher who was part of Chicago's famous Second City troupe, the one that regurgitates SNL stars after breakfast each morning.

Rule #1 of Improv


It may not be what you had in your head but if the other person offers you an opening, take it. If someone comments on your ugly-ass pajamas, you are not allowed to protest that you are in fact wearing a suit and tie. That's what makes it challenging and exciting. That's what makes it improv instead of scripted theater. In this case, that's what makes it RP.

FINALLY an RPing community that understands Improv! I absolutely love this part of roleplaying, and yeah, sometimes you simply have to protest in bigger RPs if the other person is godmodding or whatever, but I almost never do. Just accepting what happens is how it works, and why RPing is fun. I mean, it goes both ways, sure, but just saying yes is how it works best.

So yeah, join up. It's pretty small right now, and it'd be cool if there were more DC people. You can just use your normal journal and everything too.
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Hey guys! Did you all know about [ profile] ttk_is_hot's Valentine's Day Challenge? We're doing as many Supersweet Superboy fics as we possibly can! OR ART!

Don't worry, it isn't due until the end of Frebruary, but everyone should do it! It'll be awesome!

And while we're on the topic, don't forget [ profile] tim_bernard has a Valentine's Day Challenge too! That one's due sooner. So go forth, do them all, and have fun!

(This one isn't by me, but just thought I should point out [ profile] heartbart has yet another Valentine's Day Challenge. If you could get that one too, it'd be cool.)
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Agh. Got caught in an ice storm that wiped out the power for my school and most of the surrounding area. They were talking about how it might take days to fix which, luckily, didn't happen. But agh. Not so fun. At least I got ten hours of sleep and the fun of crunching frozen grass. Hee! And my Friday class was cancelled. But my battery on my computer ran out and I had nothing to DO so I ended up sleeping. With a high pitched keening noise in the background due to the building telling us that NO DUH, something was wrong.

Sooo I'm finally writing again. Something for [ profile] heartbart's Twelve Days Challenge. And something that was going to be part of the Twelve Days fic but I decided not to include that I'll probably post at some point. It features baby Bart and Jenni. Also on that note...SIGN UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! There are still six slots open! GO DO IT!

And in other news, the holidays approach, and, on the off-chance some of you actually have money to spare in these hard times and were wondering what your poor, college-student fanfic writer friend wants (Besides food), check out my wishlist! Mostly comic books on the list. Some DVDs, a few T-shirts, an action figure, but yeah, mostly comics. I'm predictable like that!

Yay! Power!


Dec. 7th, 2008 01:44 pm
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First and foremost!

Twelve Days of Christmas Bart Challenge!


Second - Sorry to all the people to whom I promised drabbles. Turns out my NaNoWriMo withdrawal is seriously harshing my jibe and drabble prompts aren't helping. I may finish more later...but I wouldn't count on it.

Third - Anyone interested in roleplaying Cassie for [ profile] on_thecouch? Because I play Kon there and we really, really need one. Poke me on AIM if you're interested. I'm Shananagin1618 and I'm always on. This might be [ profile] felonazcorp's fault.

Fourth - Anyone watching the new TV Show Merlin? Because it's very, very gay. Historically inaccurate to a point that I've got to tell myself it's an AU just so I can sit through it, but very gay.

Here's a summary:

Uther Pendragon = stubborn old bastard.
Arthur Pendragon = a dick, but a noble one.
Morgana = Possibly lesbian.
Gaius = Morgan Freeman, except white.
Merlin = an idiot and a dork.
Guinevere = adorable and a dork.
Nimue < Madame Xanadu.
Lancelot = Batman.
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Think of a story you don't much like. Any story.

Now imagine, instead of whoever the protagonist and the love interest are, we have Tim and Bernard.

Isn't that better?

That is the premise of [ profile] tim_bernard's new challenge! The Everything's Better With Tim/Bernard Challenge!

Come on over! Claim a prompt! There's something for everyone! ([ profile] unrequited_rain, I included High School Musical as one of the AUs and it's YOUR FAULT!)

So far we've got a Sherlock Holmes, a Bodice Ripper, a Peter Pan, and a Star Wars all claimed! But like I said, there's lots left to claim! So claim it!

Seriously, someone do Tarzan. Tim and Bernard kissing in a treetop. TELL ME YOU DON'T REALLY ENJOY THAT THOUGHT.
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Remember writing chat thingy?

It's back!

Go to the AIM chat writingchatthingy. If you need help, you can poke me at superexraye12.

Come on and do it! It is awesome madness! And this way we get more DC people there!
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So I'm sure you're all getting sick of these posts, but I promise, this is the last I'll make of them! Probably. After this, it'll be straight fic all the time.

So! First of all, I'd like you all to look at This wonderful artwork. It's by [ profile] axolotl_lan and it's fanart for my fic, Spoiled.

Also, check out these two awesome pictures by [ profile] zonethinker.

And finally, [ profile] yentai made more art! It's adorable chibis!

ALSO! And this is important, hence the capital letters, THERE IS NOW A TIM/BERNARD COMMUNITY! Everyone, go join [ profile] tim_bernard! If you're a regular here at Chez Shana, then there's a good chance you like Tim/Bernard. So join! And pimp! And post! So far there's not much up there, but we want more! And we want all the members we can get!

So come down to [ profile] tim_bernard! We're awesome!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled writings.


Aug. 16th, 2008 01:03 pm
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Stuff I'd write if I had time.

1. Bart never became the Flash. He and Inertia were both kidnapped by Inertia from the Titans of Tomorrow arc, who for some reason didn't vanish. Or maybe it's an alternate universe Inertia or something. Doesn't matter. Point is, alt!Inertia takes Bart's place like Inertia always was supposed to, becomes the Flash, etcetera, but real!Inertia escapes and kills him. Now he's taking heat for killing the Flash, even though he knows the Flash isn't really Bart, so he has to deal with angry heroes, angry rogues, and trying to find a way to free Bart. I'd write this, but a) no time, and b) there are people who'd handle Inertia much better than I would.

2. Kon is getting married. Possibly to Tana, but that part is only kind of important. He wants both his genetic doners at the wedding, though. Clark'll be there, but there are three possible people who could have been the human doner. I was thinking Lois, Lex, and Paul Westfield (the original human doner before they retconned it as being Lex.) Or maybe Bruce, I don't know. They go through wacky hijinks. Yes, I came through this while watching Mama Mia. What? I had to entertain myself somehow!

Also, people, claim stuff for the DC/Marvel ficathon! it'll be really cool! And there are so many unclaimed prompts! Come on, you know you want to write about Wade Wilson annoying the hell out of Slade Wilson!
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I know you (or some of you, at least) like supporting characters. You read my tons of Tim/Bernard stuff, right? And I'm guessing you don't read it because you hate Bernard.

So why is no one (except me, [ profile] angel_gidget, and sort of [ profile] anthraciteowl and [ profile] geministar01) participating in the supporting characters meme challenge thingummy? (Note: Not the official name.)

C'mon, people! Let's make this challenge happen! Make requests! Fill requests! Read people's things! DO IT! DO IT NOW!
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Have you ever been reading my stuff and thought, "Gee, this is great, but I really wish I could pay for this and have the money go to helping win the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban any further ones?"

Well, now you can!

So go bid!

[ profile] livelongnmarry

ETA: I'm also offering a fan/love/stalker letter!
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For those of you who haven't, go claim a prompt at [ profile] greeneyelove's OTP challenge!

I claimed a Bart/Tim, a Rose/M'gann, and a Guy/Kyle, and there are still lots of unclaimed prompts! Good ones! GO CLAIM!

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