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Title: William the Bloody's Only Surviving Poem
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, mentions of Spike/Drusilla
Medium: Poetry, some prose.
Rating: PG
Summary: A history of Spike's poetry and how almost all of it was destroyed.
Author's Note: Okay so, someone asked me on a meme if my headcanon said Spike had written any poems about Buffy, and I gave a response that more or less ended up being the prose part of this work. And then I decided I wanted to write the surviving poem. And then I started thinking about Spike's handwriting. I was sure if this poem existed, it was handwritten. Then I looked through some handwriting fonts until I found one I liked and added it to some stock paper and... ended up posting it. Hope you enjoy!

I ended up writing a fic to go along with the poem, but come on, it's all about the poem. )


Nov. 7th, 2008 09:05 pm
museofspeed: (MORE MURDER!)
-Meh, life's annoying. I'm doing NaNoWriMo and hating my novel. Hence the lack of fic lately. Maybe I'll get some done, but I don't know.

-Also, I need to announce an extension on the Everything's Better with Tim and Bernard contest. Since the deadline's past and only one person's finished. And that person is not any of the three mods.

-You know why Obama is great? His name's entirely iambs. Look: baRACK oBAMa, PRESiDENT eLECT. Or when he gets inaugurated: baRACK husSEIN oBAMa: PRESiDENT. Perfect iambic pentameter! JOHN mcCAIN just can't compete. Same with SARah PAlin. And, okay, JOE BIden also doesn't work.

...shut up. I'm taking a class on meter. I think about these things.

-Nextwave's amazing.

-I think I'm going to randomly write a section of my NaNoWriMo novel in iambic pentameter. I don't need a reason.

-Maybe I should write a fanfic entirely in iambic pentameter. Would people hate that?

-I could really use some good porn right now. Bart/Tim or Tim/Bernard or maybe Bart/Tim/Kon. Or anything, really. I'm not very picky. Anyone want to link me to something or write me something? I'll give you drabbles in return! Though not if you just link me. I've probably read it if you do. Though if I haven't, sure, I'll drabble. Unfortunately, I've read everything for those three pairings. Seriously. Everything on the internet. Please prove me wrong.

-As a bonus, here's the Green Lantern oath scanned into STRESSED and unstressed. Also divided into feet. Wow, am I bored.

Cut for those that hate poetry. )

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