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Title: Worst Christmas Ever
Fandom: Buffy Season 6
Characters: Spike and Dawn
Rating: So G it hurts.
For: Brandi!
Summary: Buffy's got to go out on a hunt on Christmas Eve, and leaves Dawn with Spike to be babysitter.

Holiday Fic #1! )
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Title: William the Bloody's Only Surviving Poem
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, mentions of Spike/Drusilla
Medium: Poetry, some prose.
Rating: PG
Summary: A history of Spike's poetry and how almost all of it was destroyed.
Author's Note: Okay so, someone asked me on a meme if my headcanon said Spike had written any poems about Buffy, and I gave a response that more or less ended up being the prose part of this work. And then I decided I wanted to write the surviving poem. And then I started thinking about Spike's handwriting. I was sure if this poem existed, it was handwritten. Then I looked through some handwriting fonts until I found one I liked and added it to some stock paper and... ended up posting it. Hope you enjoy!

I ended up writing a fic to go along with the poem, but come on, it's all about the poem. )
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Because let's face it, the old one was a mess.

I'm not adding all the fics found here to this, but this is where all new tables and fics and whathaveyou will be collected. If you want the old stuff, check the tags or the post I just linked.

And yes, in theory this means I'm writing again. :-)

Whirlwind Seven Deadly Sins Table. )

Angel/Buffy/Spike 3_way table. )

Seven Buffy Snogs )
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Everyone should go join [ profile] counted_stars. It's an amazing new RP that takes place in Star Wars. I'll be playing Spike and Deadpool. Deadpool's app is the funniest thing ever, and Spike looks sexy with a lightsaber. SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THAT ICON.
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In news that completely outweighed the bad parts of Season 8, the upcoming Spike comic looks awesome.

Here, have a one page recap of Spike's life from it.

This spoils nothing, unless you haven't watched the show. Then it kinda spoils through Buffy Season 6. )
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Title: All I Want is Your Screams
Fandom: Buffyverse
Characters: Angelus, William
Pairings: mentions of William/Drusilla
Word Count: 875
Rating: a high PG-13
Summary: Angelus teaches William about torturing people. William finds it less fun than hunting.
Author's Notes: Happy birthday [ profile] rumination! I thought, what better way to celebrate than to give you some torture fic horrors! Because you inspire me to stab people with pokers. <3 Thanks to [ profile] backtograce for betaing. I'm not sure if Angelus' Irish accent comes through in his dialogue, but to be fair, it doesn't when David Boreanz is speaking either.

I don't feel like putting something clever here, so just click for horrors. )
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I'm not sure I actually have any of those on my f-list, but this might be for the best anyhow. If you actually do write Spike/Angel, you might want to skip my rant.

And yes, I still refuse to say ''Spangel.'' Oh, I talk sex stuff under the cut, if this bothers you. Also I blather on in a slightly angry fashion. )
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Soooo new plan! Instead of making a post every time I make a new comment fic, I'll just edit this post to include it. This way I never lose track of 'em, and I don't spam! The only ones I'll crosspost to my journal are the ones that are for challenges or I like particularly much. Good plan? Good plan.

Under here! Find the joy! )

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