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Title: Blood and Family 3/3
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Ted/Babs, Dick/Babs, Tim/Bernard, Bruce/Selina, hints of Dinah/Helena and Steph/Cass. Pretty much every bat-related character you can think of, plus a few arrows.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4000
Prompt: For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 55. Writer's choice, for [ profile] au_abc: Vampires, for [ profile] fanfic50: 23. Fight, for [ profile] wtf27: 24. Slaves.
Summary: Babs is mad at Ted, Tim's worried, Bruce is vengeful, and Cass can kick your ass. Oh, and there's a huge vampire battle.
Author's Notes: YES ANOTHER WIP DONE! This is still dedicated to [ profile] cissie_king and [ profile] unrequited_rain for suggesting the idea and wanting me to write random ass AUs respectively. Also, thanks to [ profile] julius12 for being a kickass beta. This didn't end up going exactly as I expected it to be. For instance, it went from being predominantly a Cass/Steph piece to having practically zero Cass/Steph in it at all. In fact, Ted/Babs was supposed to be a side-pairing! But I'm happy with it. Part of Blood and Family. Follows this part.

''No. I can't right now Ted. I'm busy. I've got a vampire massacre to plan.'' )
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Title: Sleepy Time
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Tim, Bernard
Rating: G
Word Count: 231
Prompt: 48. Light creation/control
Summary: Tim hates sunrise.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Part of JusticeVerse! Tim and Bernard are roommates here, but not actually dating. Tim's seeing Bart and Bernard's seeing Carol, actually. But that's not really important to this fic.

[The sun is rising] )

Title: Not Being Dead is Pretty Cool
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Kon/Steph
Word Count: 322
Rating: G
Summary: Kon and Steph aren't dead! Yay!
Author's Notes: [ profile] second_batgirl and I discovered we had a mutual love of Kon/Steph, and, well, I was inspired!

[Write about someone who's willing to make a mistake] )

Title: Paying Attention
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard/Tim
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 278
Prompt: 12. Enhanced smell
Summary: Tim can notice things he didn't when he was Robin
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch...

[Why did you wait?] )

Title: More?
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Dick/Roy, Lian
Rating: G
Word Count: 251
Prompt: 46. Healing of others
Summary: Lian and Dick want more ice cream. Roy says no.
Author's Notes/Warnings: The prompt is a stretch... Because after [ profile] second_batgirl's angsty drabble, I felt the need for some fluff.

Read more... )
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Title: Blood and Family (2/3?)
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Cass, Steph, Jason, Barbara/Ted, Bruce/Selina, Tim, Bernard, Helena, Dick.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 2350
Prompt: 15. Rapid healing/regeneration.
Summary: Steph and Cass go slaying. Bruce vows revenge. Bernard makes a lousy spy.
Author's Notes: I really, really like this universe. I think it'll be one more part. Anyway, this is the second part of Blood and Family, the previous part is here, beta'd by [ profile] julius12, yadda yadda enjoy!

Ted grinned. ''Would you be grateful enough to kiss me?'' )

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Title: Life in Manchester 3/3
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart/Tim, Kon, Steph, Carol, Preston, Max Mercury, White Lightning.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic100: 68. Lightning. [ profile] wtf27: High School AU. [ profile] au_abc: School. [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 44. control over chemical composition.
Word Count: 2240
Rating: PG
Summary: Bart enjoys a movie, Kon and Steph are helpful, and Tim is a Boy Hostage.
Author's Notes: Yay, last part of Life in Manchester! Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for the beta like always! In case you're wandering around lost, here's the first part and the second part. Also, apologies to Joss Whedon.

Bart's eyes widened. ''Uh, I do! I was just, uh, ohlookatmywristIgottago!'' )
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Title: Life in Manchester 2/3
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart/Tim, Carol, Steph.
Prompt: [ profile] fanfic100: 2. Middles. [ profile] wtf27: High school AU. [ profile] au_abc: School. [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 30. Clairaudience.
Word Count: 1800
Rating: PG
Summary: Steph gives advice, Bart hugs, Carol plots, and Tim is Lois Lane.
Author's Notes: Second part of Life in Manchester! First part was here! Thanks again to [ profile] julius12 for betaing!

''I thought you said we make a terrible team and we were gonna be the death of you?'' )

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Title: Life in Manchester 1/3
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart/Tim, Carol, Preston, Steph, Bernard.
Prompts: For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 23. forcefield creation. For [ profile] au_abc: School. For [ profile] wtf27: High School AU. For [ profile] fanfic100: 88. School. And that's what we call multi-tasking!
Word Count: 2600
Rating: PG
Summary: When Tim was younger, his parents decided Gotham was too dangerous to live in after seeing two acrobats fall to their deaths. They moved to Manchester, Alabama. Now, there's a new kid in town, and Tim's not sure what to make of him.
Author's Notes: Ah, this took me forever! This story is finished, but really freaking long, so you get three installments. The next one'll be posted tomorrow, the one after that two days from now. Trust me, it's for the best. This was written for [ profile] geministar01 who requested "a Bart/Tim AU where Tim grew up in either Keystone City or Manchester." Hope this works for you! Also, thank you to [ profile] julius12 for being an awesome beta!

''This is Tim,'' Carol said. ''He likes chess and math, and he's scared of the circus.'' )

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Title: Blood and Family 1/?
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Barbara/Ted, Cass, Steph, Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim/Bernard, mentions of Dick/Barbara.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1700
Prompt: For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 38. Hypnotism. For [ profile] au_abc: Vampires. For [ profile] wtf27: 12. Fantasy AU (urban).
Summary: Bruce, Jason, Dick, Tim are vampires. Cass, Steph, Barbara are slayers. Ted and Bernard are romantic interests. A lot of stuff happens.
Author's Notes/Warnings: For [ profile] cissie_king who asked for "Steph & Cass, vampire hunters in AU Gotham City. Double points if they hunt Batman" when I wanted prompts for my [ profile] wtf27 table. Also for [ profile] unrequited_rain who didn't believe me that Tim/Bernard was more awesome than her so-called amazing bandom AU fic. To her, I say ha! Also, thanks to [ profile] musicianatheart who stepped up to beta as my usual beta has gone missing. She's awesome!

''But our secret affair! No one must know!'' )

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First three are from the stuff I'd never write challenge!

Title: Too Late
Fandom: Teen Titans
Characters: Bart, Tim, Jaime
Prompt: 9. Months
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bart's back. But not how Tim remembers him.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] greeneyelove

1. Bart comes back, but like Jason did, he comes back bug fuck crazy. )

Title: What Would You Do...
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Tim, mentions of others
Prompt: 64. Fall
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim is made an offer.
Author's Notes: I have no excuses. None. For [ profile] geministar01

2. Through magic, Tim changes history, saving Bart and Kon's lives in exchange for never becoming Robin and, thus, never meeting any of his friends. Ever. )

Title: Holy PDA, Batman!
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard/Dick, Steph, Tim
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 177
Prompt: 8. Superhearing
Summary: Dick and Bernard are being disgustingly lovey-dovey. It sickens Tim.
Author's Notes/Warnings: For [ profile] darthbatgirl.

2. Bernard/Dick star cross lovers )

These few are for my Misfit prompt begging session which is still open for requests!

Title: Crazy Batkid
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Barbara, Bruce, Charlie, Damian
Prompt: For [ profile] fanfic50: 46. Care. For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 42. Teleportation.
Word Count: 267
Rating: G
Summary: Bruce needs someone to babysit Damian. Barbara is busy.
Notes: For [ profile] angel_gidget.

Charlie, Damien -- Please cheer up, emo kid? Pretty please? Before someone loses a head? )

Title: Hanging Out
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Charlie, Dick
Prompt: 15. Charm
Word Count: 118
Rating: G
Summary: Charlie's bored and lonely.
Notes: For [ profile] darthbatgirl

How about Misfit and Dick. Prompt ''hey I hear there's a tradition between Batgirls and Robins hanging out.'' )
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Title: Lingerie
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Lana/Lois
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 477
Prompt: 7. Telescopic vision
Summary: Lana says she's wearing sexy underwear for her interview with Superman.
Author's Notes: Written for the DCU FEMSLASH PORN BATTLE! Go join in the fun!

''Guess what I'm wearing.'' )

Title: Misfit and Spoiler
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie/Steph
Prompt: 1. Finish
Word Count: 500
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Misfit and Spoiler may not be as famous a dynamic duo as Batgirl and Robin, but that doesn't mean they aren't awesome!
Notes: Also for the porn battle! It is good fun!

''Sex with Batgirl was great.'' )

Title: Not Titans Material
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Charlie/Jaime
Prompt: 3. Alone
Word Count: 231
Rating: G
Summary: Misfit isn't Titans material. Then again, Jaime's technically not a Titan.
Notes: This one's NOT for the porn battle! Instead it's for [ profile] milleniumrex! Who is currently out-writing everyone in the porn battle!

''You guys are jerks.'' )
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Title: Falling Bird
Characters: Bruce, Tim, Dick
Rating: PG
Prompt: A world where Tim is the first Robin and Dick the third.

for axolotl_lan )

Title: Let Me Guess
Characters: Bernard/Tim
Rating: G
Prompt: Tim and Bernard in a musical.
Warnings: CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! And bad poetry.

for anthraciteowl )

Title: Payment
Characters: Cass/Steph
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Cass/Steph in the Crime Syndicate world.

for andrensath )

Title: Foolishness Will Not Be Tolerated
Characters: Bruce/Ted
Rating: PG
Prompt: Batman/Beetle in a pirate AU.

for runenklinge )

Title: Conspiracy
Characters: Jaime, Guy
Rating: PG
Prompt: The Reach is good, Oans are bad, and the Green Lanterns are their unwitting dupes.

for ms_kinnikufan )

Title: Show and Tell
Characters: Jaime, Guy, Ted/Booster, Bea, Tora.
Rating: G
Prompt: Jaime and Milagro are adopted by the Justice League.

also for ms_kinnikufan )
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Title: Spoiled 5/5
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard, Steph, and Tim in some combination.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1400
Prompt: 41. density control
Summary: Bernard and Steph both have a thing for Tim...Tim likes both of them...which one will he choose? The answer will shock and astound you!
Author's Notes: YES SPOILED is DONE! I love finishing WiP's. Makes me feel all finished and stuff. Thank you [ profile] julius12 for betaing as always, and [ profile] aravistarkheena for prodding me into finishing this. I'm really happy with this whole series. Though I wasn't entirely sure how to resolve it really until the last minute. Well, I knew where I was working towards, but then it didn't go where I expected it to go. Still, it's better this way. Previous part.

''...what are you getting at, here?'' Tim asked. )
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I've got a few more to do, and I'm still (always) open for new prompts! Here, if you're interested. Also, many of these might be continued.

Title: Morning
Fandom: Justice League
Characters: Booster/Beetle
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Genderswap verse

For phoenix_lia )

Title: Sexy Vampires
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart, Tim, Kon
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Gothic Vampire Novel
Notes: You have to check out Vampyre and the sequel Zhombies of London if you want amazing vampire AU fanfic. They're by [ profile] girl_starfish, and they are what inspired me to write AUs in the first place.

For anthraciteowl )

Title: Peace and Quiet
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Cass, Tim
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Cass and Tim during World War II. Tim comes home after being away at war.

For greeneyelove )

Title: Girl Wonder
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Cissie/Cassie
Rating: PG
Prompt: Cassie as Batman's sidekick, not Wonder Woman's.

For milleniumrex )

Title: Can't Hold his Liquor
Fandom: Justice League
Characters: Booster, Beetle, Guy
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Justice Riders!

For duskdog717 )

Title: Honorable Young Samurais of Justice
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Tim/Bart, Young Justice
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Ancient Japan
Notes: I know very little about ancient Japan. Consequently...crack.

For geministar01 )

Title: Got an Impulse
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart Allen, Conner Kent
Rating: PG
Prompt: Tangent universe Young Justice

For cissie_king )

Title: You Wouldn't Want to get Between them Either.
Fandom: Marvel/DCU
Characters: Slobo, Deadpool, Bart, Kon, Weasel.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Slobo and Deadpool fighting.

For axolotl_lan )

Title: Status Quo
Fandom: *wince* High School Musical (Oh god I'm so ashamed)
Characters: Sharpay, Troy, Chad/Ryan.
Rating: PG
Prompt: Superhero AU.

For unrequited_rain )

Title: Training
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Diana, Charlie
Rating: G
Prompt: Charlie is an Amazon being trained by Wonder Woman.

For andrensath )

Title: Humans
Fandom: Titans
Characters: Kory/Dick, Komand'r
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Tamaran-occupied Earth

For seriousfic )

Title: The Cat Bandit
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Bruce/Selina
Rating: PG
Prompt: Western

For roguecatwoman )

Title: Power
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Jenni/Steph, Everyone here.
Rating: R
Prompt: Anti-matter Young Justice

For runenklinge )

Title: Commander
Fandom: Blue Beetle
Characters: Bianca Reyes, Peacemaker, Paco, Brenda
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: The Reyes and friends in Titans of Tomorrow universe.

For ms_kinnikufan )
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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side is such a boring answer.

So in the same note as the answers at the link, let's come up with what random characters would say!

Uh, except it seems to be turning into a full blown fanfic. So...

Title: What are you, Chicken?
Rating: PG
Characters: All of Young Justice.
Word Count: 400
Summary: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Maybe because it had all of Young Justice chasing after it! )

Okay, now you people come up with some! It doesn't need to be as long as mine, of course!
museofspeed: (Steph/Tim)
Title: Babysitting Ally
Pairing: Steph/Tim
Rating: G
Summary: Steph and Tim spend the evening babysitting a familiar looking little girl.
Word Coung: 800
Author's Notes: Happy belated birthday, [ profile] vespertila! Hope you like your present! And the summer challenge thing is next on my to-start list.

''Because I need money and you are a sweet, wonderful boyfriend who will come with me and protect me from the little devil.'' )
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Title: Spoiled 4/5
Author: [ profile] shanangin
Claim: Supporting cast
Characters: Bernard, Steph, Tim, Batman, Violet
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1950
Prompt For [ profile] dcu_freeforall: 3. Invulnerability.
Summary: Bernard and Steph bond, Batman is scary, and Robin vs. Violet!
Author's Notes/Warnings: More Spoiled! Yay! Thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] julius12, as always. Man, this part was fun. Normally by this far into a series, I'm getting tired and bored, but not here! Hope I can keep it up for the last part...And part 3 is here.

''Hang in there, Boy Wonder,'' Steph said. ''Come on, Bernie, we've got to change. To the Bat-bathroom!'' )
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From Writing Chat Thingy and Drabble requests.

I'm not going to put a word count in because I'm lazy and I don't have these anywhere not online. But they're all really short.

Writing Chat Thingy:

Title: More Interesting Than Batman
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Bart/Tim
Rating: G

[Write about a guessing game that goes wrong.] )

Title: January Blossoms
Fandom: Impulse
Characters: Bart/Carol
Rating: PG

[Write about the first flowers.] )

Title: Becoming Batgirl
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Characters: Charlie
Rating: PG

[Write about yearning] )

Title: Swear't
Fandom: Hamlet
Characters: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: PG

[Write about the first one to quit] )

There's also a Bart/Tim/Kon bit that I'm going to expand then post because it really wasn't done. And an original piece that was kind of crap, but sort of a preview to the webcomic I may or may not be working on.


Drabble Requests!

Title: Chills
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Steph/Tim
Rating: G

For roguecatwoman )

Title: I Do
Fandom: Titans
Characters: Roy/Dick, Lian
Rating: G

For ilyena_sylph )

Title: Skinny Dipping
Fandom: Young Jusitce
Characters: Bart/Tim/Cass
Rating: PG-13

for greeneyelove )

Title: You're It!
Fandom: Batman
Characters: Tim/Cass/Steph
Rating: PG

for milleniumrex )

Title: Ice Cream
Fandom: Titans
Characters: Charlie/M'Gann
Rating: G

For cissie_king )

Title: Drunk
Fandom: Justice Riders
Characters: Booster/Beetle, Peej
Rating: PG-13

For phoenixfire_lia )

Title: Privacy
Fandom: Young Justice
Characters: Slobo/Tim
Rating: PG

For zenithjolt )

Then there's just the one for [ profile] anthraciteowl, which will be written as soon as they answer my question thing.
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Title: Spoiled 3/5
Author: [ profile] shananagin
Claim: Supporting characters
Characters/Pairing: Bernard/Tim, Steph/Tim
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1050
Prompt: 43. longevity/immortality
Summary: Everything gets complicated.
Author's Notes/Warnings: Thanks to [ profile] julius12 for the beta! Part 3 of Spoiled. Previous part here. Stay tuned for Part 4! Also, possibly spoilers for Robin 174, but written before it came out, and it doesn't really follow that canon.

''Does dating you come with the eggplant costume?'' )

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