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-Porn is hard. No pun intended. But seriously, I've been attempting to write some Tim/Kon/Cissie for [ profile] lady_sarai for days and >_< DIFFICULT. I'm clearly out of practice. I think people should leave me porny comment drabbles to inspire me. IMEANWHAT?

-Doing my first Big Bang, it looks like. This is probably [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan's fault. I'm writing an AU about Dick's parents not dying. It'll be AWESOME.

-Also writing Superboy into Smallville. For this, I'm watching Season 6.

-Jokes about "Uranus" are much less funny when you know it's pronounced "Yer-uh-nus," not "Yer-ay-nus." They just become stupid and bother you by being WRONG.

Okay, that's it.
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- I am never, ever, ever, ever asking for drabble prompts again! Because slfjadfas;dfasdf I HATE THEM. Note: This is a lie. I probably will ask again. But I need to learn to stop asking when I've got other things to write. Meaning, no new drabble request posts for a long time!

- I'm currently working on [ profile] bastet_in_april's birthday fic. It's really, really late. It's not inspiring me, unfortunately. But it will be written!

- I'm also working on the third part of Blood and Family. It'll be AWESOME.

- Next on my 'to write' list is an Arcanum Institute for Magic and Sorcery fic about Anita. Supergirl made me want to write Anita in a way that DOESN'T suck.

- Just a heads up, I'm likely to write Avatar fic now. It's my newest obsession. I've got plans for a YJ/Avatar crossover. It will be awesome.
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Awesome Comic Things I Own
- Impulse shirt
- Nightwing shirt
- Flash shirt
- Misfit shirt
- Batwoman shirt
- Batgirl shirt
- Random Marvel heads shirt
- Batman panties
- Wonder Woman panties
- Superman panties

Yes, that's right. A trinity of underwear.

Things I am Writing
- I wrote an AU where Tim grew up in Manchester Alabama. It's currently being beta'd.
- I wrote the first part of an AU where Tim and co are pirates. Also being beta'd, but I may not post it because I'm not sure where it's going yet.
- I'm working on an awesome vampire AU.
- Also an AU where Bart is a sex phone operator.
- I'm slowly but surely working through the icon prompts. I've just started college, though, so I'll be a bit slower now. I will get them done, though! But if it takes a while...yeah, that's why.

Random Question
Who's a better cook: Ma Kent or Alfred?
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It's been a while since I've done one of these! Let's see...

At the Beta's!

- A Tim/Bernard sex pollen fic for [ profile] aravistarkheena. It turned out...really depressing, actually. Sex pollen should not be depressing, dammit!

In the works!

- Cliche ficathon prompts. Brainwashing, gender-swap, and I'm the mole! I'm still taking requests for. If no one requests anything, I'm writing Carol/Bart for gender-swap.

- My hooker fic. This is also depressing! It features Bart as a hooker and Anita as a pimp, isn't so much Bart being slutty as Bart living on the streets and selling his body in a really sad way. But Carol's there, so it should at least end happy.

- A Tim/Jaime fic that's going to be [ profile] vespertila and my joint entry to the DCU_Freeforall summer challenge. This one's giving me trouble.

Original Works!

- I'm not just working on fanstuff. There are two pretty cool projects I'm working on. I'm not going to say anything about them because even if I do finish them, there's no guarantee they'd go anywhere, and I don't want to get your (or my!) hopes up, but you guys'll love them if they do somehow miraculously work. Seriously, this'll be great.
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- I'm in kind of a dry spot. It's not that I'm not working on stuff, they're just not coming as easily as they sometimes do.

- What I am working on is pretty fun, though. I've got in the works:

- A Bernard/Kon fic which is becoming longer than it really should have and I'm hoping will wrap up soon because I really don't need any more WiPs.

- A sequel to Spoiled. I actually have a five-part series planned out, and it should be sort of awesome if it follows how I want it to follow. But then again...WiPs...nngh.

- A detective story featuring Tim Drake: Private Eye, and his brilliant and attractive secretary: Steph Brown.

- Another part of Gold and Blue (Times Two).

- [ profile] quite__tiger's birthday fic. Tim, Dick and Kon in some combination. Seems like it's turning into a Kon/Dick combination. April is Use Kon in a New and Interesting Pairing month! At some point I'm thinking about writing a Kon/Knockout fic or a Kon/Serling. Maybe even Kon/Tana.

- I'm trying very hard to convince myself not to write an alternate version of Infinite Crisis where Nightwing dies instead of Superboy. My theory is that Bruce would have completely broke, not to mention Tim, Barbara, Kory, Roy, everyone. And Kon would blame himself. It'd be utterly angsty and I really shouldn't write it. But I'm tempted.

- The Ms. Frizzle-is-a-Time-Lord fic is now actually being written!
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At the Beta's:

- Gold and Blue (Times Two)

- Slightly angsty Bart/Tim fic, with Bernard. (And don't worry, also funny.)

- Young Jedi Part III

- Snapper walking in on Tim brooding in a closet.

In the Works:

- Bernard Antics.

- Young Justice Riders

- Hell of a lot of other stuff.

Other Interesting Tidbits:

- An Impulse movie would be awesome.

- We're learning about Impulses in physics. It's an odd feeling to be shaken out of your reverie by a discussion of what you're thinking about. I deny any allegations that I plot fanfictions during class.

- My final paper for English class was basically a Hamlet fanfiction. I got an A.

- I asked Connor the bagel guy if he does archery. He gave me an odd look.
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Coming Soon!
- Wacky Hijinks with Pink Kryptonite!
- Coming Out to the Drakes and Coming Out to the Spoiler
- MORE Young Jedi
- MORE Oracle/Canary Wedding Special
- The fic where Tim and Bart are picked up by alien slavers.
- Chicks of Prey based off of this post by [ profile] misfit_d_v
- Teen Titans Squared Part 3
- Blue Beetle joins Young Justice
- More Misfit fics!
- Jaime/Tim fic

Other News!
- Someone blew up my school! Ok, not really, but there was a bomb threat so I got the day off.
- Check out [ profile] youngjustice's challenge! Someone joins Young Justice Regardless of space or time. So far, we've had the first part of a story by [ profile] cissie_king and a story that [ profile] amarin_rose said could count. Write, people!

Friending Policy!
- I'll friend you if I like reading your stuff or if I'd feel guilty not friending you.
- I always post my stuff here first unless I'm advertising a community or something. I do that so that people who have me friended get a sort of advanced viewing. The time between my posting it here is usually about a day, but it can be anything from an hour to several days.
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Fics in the process of being beta'd:
-Future Bart/Tim creepy torture fic.
-Oracle/Black Canary Wedding Special 1: The Proposal
-Coming Out fic parts 1 and 2
-DC Daily Life Self-Insert fic.
-Robin/Misfit fic
-Young Jedi Part 2

Fics in the works:
-Young Jedi Part 3
-Oracle/Black Canary Wedding Special 2
-Jaime Reyes joins Young Justice

Other Stuff:
-Check out [ profile] misfit_d_v!
-I'm in the process of tagging my fics. Until then, check out this site for a complete listing of anything I've posted that is even vaguely interesting. In no useful order.

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