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HI PEOPLE DID YOU MISS ME? Probably not because I still check my f-list and everyone's gone to Dreamwidth now. (I'm no different, I'm effulgent there, and also effulgent on plurk... but not the point.) I've gotten a few friend requests and private messages lately and I thought I'd make my stance on the fics I've locked clear for other people browsing and wanting to read.

So here: stock response all typed out and ready to go.

Hi! I appreciate the interest, but I'm afraid the fics I've locked are all locked for a reason. I'm sorry to do this because I remember back when I was first getting into fandom being really frustrated when I came across locked fic. I've gotten this request enough though that I thought I'd explain myself.

I haven't written much fanfiction lately, and none in the DC fandom. All the fanfiction you'll find here is at least several years old, and when I look back at it, I wince. I fell into a lot of tropes that now I can't stand, and I wrote a lot of stories that in hindsight are just... not good. Or at least not the kind of story I'd like to present as my own writing now. I know the pain of trying to find good Tim/Bart fanfic. I've been there. Here, try Archive of Our Own if you haven't already. I'm afraid I'm not going to be unlocking my fic, though, or friending people back since I barely use this journal, and I promise, you're not missing that much.

Thanks everyone who's interested in my fic! A lot are still open, so I hope you enjoy those! But please stop asking about the locked ones, I locked them for a reason, and they will stay that way.
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Arkham City Nightwing. He's pretty awesome.
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Title: Worst Christmas Ever
Fandom: Buffy Season 6
Characters: Spike and Dawn
Rating: So G it hurts.
For: Brandi!
Summary: Buffy's got to go out on a hunt on Christmas Eve, and leaves Dawn with Spike to be babysitter.

Holiday Fic #1! )
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I got 10k into NaNo and then sort of stalled. Not really doing it with anyone this year, so that was harder. I thought of a cool twist, though. Maybe someday I'll write this story in a serious way. Loving the hell out of the Buffy S9 comics. Loving the hell out of a few of the DCnU comics, hating with a burning passion some of the others.

If you haven't asked me for a Holiday Fic, do it! Even if you have, do a second!

I have lots of free spots open still. I'm offering free fics! Take them!

In other news, I have two icons with a character pointing a gun at the world. What's with that?
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Comment with a day, a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt, and I will write at least 200 words for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom you know I'm familiar with is fair game, though I reserve the right to ask for a different prompt if you pick something I don't want to write, wacky crossovers or a fandom I haven't been into in a long time.

Encouraged / suggested fandoms are:

DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Star Wars (preferably movie, I'm not deep into the EU yet)
If you're friends with me, you've probably got a good idea of what I can write, man, just ask. Worst comes to worst I'll say no.

You may also specify canon, rp verse, or rp game (ex: counted stars, paradisa, etc) if you'd like.

I will TRY to follow through 8|

Dates )
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Peer pressure, I have given into thee. If you want to find me on plurk, I am Shanajeanh. Add me as a friend! We shall see if this sticks better than Tumblr and Twitter...

That is all. :-)
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Title: William the Bloody's Only Surviving Poem
Pairing: Buffy/Spike, mentions of Spike/Drusilla
Medium: Poetry, some prose.
Rating: PG
Summary: A history of Spike's poetry and how almost all of it was destroyed.
Author's Note: Okay so, someone asked me on a meme if my headcanon said Spike had written any poems about Buffy, and I gave a response that more or less ended up being the prose part of this work. And then I decided I wanted to write the surviving poem. And then I started thinking about Spike's handwriting. I was sure if this poem existed, it was handwritten. Then I looked through some handwriting fonts until I found one I liked and added it to some stock paper and... ended up posting it. Hope you enjoy!

I ended up writing a fic to go along with the poem, but come on, it's all about the poem. )
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Because let's face it, the old one was a mess.

I'm not adding all the fics found here to this, but this is where all new tables and fics and whathaveyou will be collected. If you want the old stuff, check the tags or the post I just linked.

And yes, in theory this means I'm writing again. :-)

Whirlwind Seven Deadly Sins Table. )

Angel/Buffy/Spike 3_way table. )

Seven Buffy Snogs )
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only I am filled with shaaaame.

So I kinda want to rename my Spike account ([ profile] killed2slayers), mainly because I came up with an awesome idea which I've registered so no one else can have it ([ profile] breakmychest). Problem being, I find the idea of spending fifteen bucks to change my account name unacceptable, especially when I'm marooned in a foreign land forced to survive on only what food I can purchase and cook. (This land is Israel, for those just tuning in, and I'll be here for five months.)

ANYWAY. I may not be willing to spend money, but apparently I'm willing to whore my writing talents out to livejournal and write shitty livejournal fanfic for LJ tokens, but I'll get more if I win, and also my entry is the best, dammit, and the other person who's beating me was way behind me up until she solicited all her friends and that annoys me.

So vote? My entry is the [ profile] killed2slayers one.
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I've been thinking about it lately.

Recently I went through my old fic and f-locked a lot of it. Most of the stuff I f-locked was slash. Some of the slash is still open, never fear! It was just... the really weird ones, I guess. And the ones that I look back on and wince. I once swore I'd never lock away my fic, but hey, times change, so do people.

Those of you who've been with this journal a long time know, I used to love slash. It was maybe 80% of what I wrote, with femslash and het and gen filling in the last 20%. My newer friends know me as someone who might occasionally express an interest but would never write or roleplay it. Unless it was canon. I'm a canon relationships stickler.

TL;DR about stuff under the cut. )

I guess the part that bugs me most is the people who like slash exclusively. But I've felt the same about people who only like het in the past, so the moral of the story is variety is good? I think I've pretty much decided that I should go back to being the Shana that doesn't give a damn what other people think. I'll write what I want, and it'll be awesome.
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I just went through a lot of my old fics and f-locked the ones that made me ashamed. It was fun! And there were a lot that I actually thought were good, so that was fun too, and now I'm going to do the rereading stuff I wrote in the past thing.

And while I'm at it, I found these and these (both at least mildly NSFW) and felt inspired. So I've started a new meme!

Leave me a pairing, or just a character or two, and I'll write you a limerick.

It'll be awesome.

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Anyone else spending it at home? We can do the party thing again.

To those out partying... hope 2011's a good year!
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So, the holidays are fast approaching! For those of us that have been my friend for over a year, you may recall that last holiday I had a Fic Exchange. Of DOOM. And now it's been long enough that I've forgotten how stressful and difficult running it was, and my vows never to run anything ever again.

Are people interested? I know my f-list has changed a lot since I moved away from comics and towards Buffy, so this year it probably would be less... all DC comics. Knowing my people, I'd say there'd be some Buffy, some Supernatural, some Heroes, some DC Comics, some Smallville, some... stuff I'm not thinking of.

How it works is you put a long list of all the fandoms and pairings and fic kinks you like into an awesome form that I will put up, as well as stuff that makes you want to kick babies. Then the person who gets your list writes you something... I suppose I could make it write/draw/manip/icon/music mixes if people wanted, I just automatically assume writing, but you give it to the person. It's different from other ficathons because you don't prompt. You get surprised! I get to MC and make sure everyone gets someone who has at least some matching interests, and then I bother people to finish towards the end, and make amusing shouty posts and all that awesome stuff. And make lists. Lists are cool.

Anyway, do people want to do this? Because I think it'd be fun.

And you can also ask questions because I'm sure I wasn't horribly clear.
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Title: Icy Peril
Fandom: Angel
Characters: Angel/Cordelia, Connor, Fred, Gunn, Wesley.
Prompt: Angel (ATS), Angel & Cordy, "Connor, at his first ice hockey match"
Word Count: 328
Rating: G
Author's Notes: For the Shiny Happy Comment Ficathon. Original prompt found here. Does this mark Shana's return to fanfiction? Only time will tell.

I didn't include a summary cause it's just what the prompt says. )

Civic Duty

Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:35 am
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Everyone go vote! I did it last week because I'm awesome. And absentee.
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Shana: Do you ever look at your friends and think, "in the fanfiction of my life, we're about to have a threesome?"
Sara: haaaa!!
Sara: know, sometimes.
Shana: It's even weirder to look at the people you dislike and think it.
Shana: This might be why I've stopped slashing as much as I used to.
Sara: what was it--oh, I think Zoe explained a fandom thing to her sister by saying "it'd be like you and Sara making out in front of me"
Shana: Aaaaaah, I love Zoe.
Sara: I have no idea what she was explaining, but it was hysterical
Sara: and yeah. I like slash, but I also really like friendship stuff and that happens far less
Shana: Yeah. And het.
Sara: yeees.
Sara: oh fandom
Shana: I want to just... write some epic friendship fics.
Shana: And I wish there was a term for gen shipping.
Sara: that would be awesome
Shana: Because I have so many awesome gen ships.
Sara: yeeeees, me too
Shana: Andrew/Anya, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Joyce, Kon/Tim, (though I like them shipped too, it's just overdone and that annoys me), Paco/Jaime, Cassie/Cissie, Dick/Tim.
Sara: yeeees. <3
Shana: ...I hereby declare that a double slash shall denote genshipping.
Sara: heee
Shana: I genship Andrew//Anya.
Sara: I like genshipping as a term.
Shana: This fic is Kon//Tim.
Sara: ::giggles::
Shana: I have the best ideas at 3 AM.
Sara: clearly!
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I took a nap today after my first class and woke up as my second class was starting. Mmm fun. On the bright side, NYCC IS TOMORROW! Followed by my sister's Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, followed by MORE NYCC! Aaaaand I'm getting my Buffy comic tonight! I've already read it since I couldn't wait to actually own it, but, well, I loved it. I'll probably have more on it after I buy and reread. Still, so far I'm happy about it. I had my doubts, but I think Joss actually does know where he's going on this. And, again, I can't wait for the next issue.

But more important than that, who else is headed to NYCC? I'll probably wearing a Superboy shirt and a Spike jacket, or possibly a Nightwing shirt. If you see me, say hi! Or just... go up to every shortish girl with brown hair and ask if they're me. Here, I give you an internet code word. Tell me "Potato" and I will reply "Cheesecake" and thus will we know each other.

...please try this with every short brunette you see, I will laugh.
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They did this meme over at [ profile] taxonomites' crack comm, and I loved it, so I'm doing it here.

Give me two characters from any fandom you know I like, and I'll make up a baby. They can be any characters regardless of gender, being in the same universe, and sexual compatiblility. I'll even say they can be a pairing that squicks me. I can work around it and make it a non-sex baby. Those happen sometimes. My only rule is no Jason Todd. I do not feel like dealing with Jason Todd.

So, I'll make a baby and list:

* Name
* Zodiac Sign and/or Hogwarts House
* Circumstances of Conception
* PB/Appearance
* Three Random Facts

Fandoms: Buffyverse, DC Comics, Marvel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible, HIMYM, Supernatural, Smallville, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Shakespeare... anything else I'm forgetting that you know I like.
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Remember Tara and Willow had a cat? Back in fourth and fifth season? Remember that cat's name was Miss Kitty Fantastico? Remember how after a while we just stopped seeing that cat around?

Well, after rewatching S7 for the third time (for those wondering, the first time was when I had my wisdom teeth removed, the third with my friend who hadn't seen it), I noticed this little bit.

DAWN: Xander, my crossbow is not out here. I told you, I don't leave crossbows around all willy-nilly. Not since that time with Miss Kitty Fantastico.

Dawn killed Willow and Tara's cat. Accidentally, from the sounds of it, but still.

Man, that's depressing.
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Everyone should go join [ profile] counted_stars. It's an amazing new RP that takes place in Star Wars. I'll be playing Spike and Deadpool. Deadpool's app is the funniest thing ever, and Spike looks sexy with a lightsaber. SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THAT ICON.

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