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Title: An Dream Second
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart Allen
Prompt: for [ profile] fanfic100: 59. Food, for [ profile] random_30: 19. Life is but a dream.
Word Count: 362
Rating: G
Summary: Bart is dreaming...
Author's Notes: Oh god, the crack. This is from an RP and I am so cheating by posting it here because it's only Bart/Tim in the sense that Tim is mentioned but it's awesome and I wanted to share it and also I'm so close on my Bart/Tim table that I CARE NOT. Plus it's 2 AM and I'm tired. So. Take a peak into Bart's dream... IF YOU DARE.

Very little punctuation under the cut. )
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All I want is some new World's Finest Dick/Mon-El. Is that so much to ask?


Nov. 19th, 2008 03:25 am
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So you may have noticed I'm somewhat dead lately. Really not doing much ficcing right now. It' got it...NaNoWriMo.

Just telling you all I'm still alive. Nothing to offer.

EXCEPT the name of a villain I just used. Because it gave me glee.

Despairrow. He shoots arrows. Of despair. To match the sharp, pointy stick of despair in his heart.

It amused me.
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WIP meme

Oct. 17th, 2008 11:03 am
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Stolen from [ profile] unrequited_rain.

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Some of these I'm working on right now, some of them are old. I'll put a note of some sort next to the ones that I'm definitely finishing and if there's one you particularly like, tell me about it in the comments and, well, no promises, but maybe.

Robin and the Spoilers. )

Pirate AU! )

Bernard vs. Ives )

The Titans try to sex up Scott Summers )

Hob/Jack Harkness )

Serenity meets Deadpool (And Cable) )

Avatar/Young Justice )

Artemis Fowl meets YJ )

Hooker fic )

Kory/Dick circus AU )

Fuck, Chuck, Marry. )

Evil Bart fic )

Tim and Bart on a sink. )

Cass/Bart )

Crack. )

And there we go! There are more, but they're on my other computer and that's miles away. Plus, I'm never, ever going to finish those, most likely. Still, I hope you were at least a little amused by these.
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A random and possibly not very PC question... )

I blame the fact that I've been working on my vampire fic and the fic I just posted back to back.
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I was writing an essay on the Bible for FYSem. One of the possible assignments I tried was writing it in the voice of Rabbi Hillel.

...he sounded like Uncle Iroh from Avatar.

What is wrong with you, head?
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I need an artisty person.

See, I was reading [ profile] quet__tiger's fic, and it made me think...things...which led to this, and, well, I started thinking it would be amazing if I made it longer and someone drew pictures! So if anyone wants to draw a Dr. Seuss inspired poem about Dick wanting Roy to blow him...well...please? It'd be awesome!
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Guess who now has an Impulse t-shirt? Yes, that's right. Me. I made it. Well, technically my sister did, but it was my design. She just took over before I actually started so that I didn't end up with something that looked like crap.

I'll have pictures up as soon as I figure out how to get them from my camera to the computer. Fragging macs.

Oh! I've been curious about trying something like this for a while, so spontaneous made up meme!

The Ego Crushing Meme:

First: Lead in gently. Tell me your favorite story by me and why.

Second: No pain, no gain. Least favorite story? Why?

Third: No, no, don't pull your punches, I'm man enough to take it. What do you dislike most about my writing?

Fourth: Okay, okay, I'm suitably crushed! Before I decide never to write again, what do you like most about my writing?

Fifth: Anything else?

And feel free to be anonymous if you so desire! Just be honest! I know I'm not terrible, but I can always improve!

I may live to regret doing this. Oh well! Could be fun!
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Time is like a zipper.

The past is set and locked. Solid, if you will.

The future is wide open.

The present is the place currently being locked in.

When time is in flux, such as what have you that kept Booster running around trying to stop people from killing the doctor who delivered Jonothan Kent and get drunk with Jonah Hex, is like when a zipper breaks, and there are bits that are undone and you have to go back and fix it before coming back to wear you're supposed to be.

Booster managed to go back in time and change how the zipper had shut, but it meant the entire zipper was in the wrong place. The wrong teeth linked together.

Geoff Johns should hire me to explain these things!

Also, the cherries I'm eating right now taste like they've fermented.
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Since the Bart/Tim prompt begging session helped me fill my table so quickly, I'm gonna do the same thing again, only for a different table!

Give me Misfit prompts! First two get full length, everyone else gets at least a drabble! Any pairing (though I might make it gen), any prompt! Only rule is, Charlie's gotta be one of the characters!
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Have you ever been reading my stuff and thought, "Gee, this is great, but I really wish I could pay for this and have the money go to helping win the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban any further ones?"

Well, now you can!

So go bid!

[ profile] livelongnmarry

ETA: I'm also offering a fan/love/stalker letter!
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There are times when I really, really want to read a golden age Lana/Clark/Lois threesome fic.


With robots.
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Huh. I kind of want to write a fic where I cast Romeo and Juliet with Kon as Romeo, Cassie as Juliet, Bart as Mercutio, and Tim as Benvolio. It'd work remarkably well.

Though maybe I'd rather have Bernard as Mercutio. Bernard and Mercutio are incredibly similar.

In other news, I'm still taking/filling requests on my AU meme! Seriously, feel free to make another one even if you've already made one. I have way too much free time this summer.
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In a porny fic that involves Tim, is it awkward for the penis to be referred to as a dick?

Blah random

May. 9th, 2008 02:51 pm
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First of all, it is highly difficult to type when a cat is sitting on your arm. Luckily, he didn't show up until I'd already placed my hands in the typing position. Unfortunately, I am quickly losing feeling in my arm.

Secondly, you may have noticed I've been rather dead lately. This is because I am currently in a production of Romeo and Juliet, and it is now actually happening, so I don't usually get home until 11 at the earliest. And then I sleep. Next week will be better.

Thirdly, I'll put something actually interesting.

Crossovers that I really want to read and would write if I knew the characters well enough.

1. Spock/Brainiac-5
2. Dick Grayson/Captain Jack Harkness
3. Han Solo/Captain Jack Harkness
4. Tim Drake/Toshiko Sato
5. Ms. Frizzle/The Doctor
6. Bart Allen/Pietro Maximoff
7. Tim Drake/Artemis Fowl
8. Misfit/Squirrel Girl
9. Kon-El/Peter Parker
10. Bobby Drake/Bart Allen
11. Jean Grey/Donna Troy
12. Cissie King-Jones/Kate Bishop
13. Hamlet/Tim Drake
14. Mercutio/Bernard Dowd
15. Ophelia/Rose Wilson

And I may add more if they occur to me.
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You ever have one of those days where you're reading Jack of Fables and thinking about how awesome a Jack/Booster fic would be? Seriously, it'd be scarily awesome. So I vaguely decided I should write one.

The problem, as with all crossovers that aren't PWP, is finding a logical reason for the two of them to meet. My original idea was for Rip to pick Jack up because he needs another agent that no one takes seriously, but because Booster is now Mature, that wouldn't be fun. I need Booster at his most silly.

So then I got to thinking...what are superheroes if not modern-day fables? Why can't they escape into the Mundy world?

This was the point in which I had to stop myself from discussing the Secret Invasion of the Adversary troops. But if I wrote Marvel fic? I would do that.

Of course, now I'm thinking about how Superman would have troubles because he wouldn't be allowed to use his powers to save people. Low profile and everything. Bruce would ignore the rules and do the urban legend thing, though without working with the police.

So now I'm worried that I've got another epic AU thing going on, and I don't want to write another epic AU! I've got too many WIPs! I don't want another!

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[Poll #1169275][Poll #1169275]
That's supposed to say Tim Drake, not Tim Dick. Thanks, [ profile] vespertila . Anyone know how to edit polls when they've already been posted?

For the formal analysis, click here! )

AU Meme

Mar. 19th, 2008 09:48 am
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Goinked from [ profile] caia_comica.

I made 2 lists, one of DC characters and one of AU settings.

For the characters, pick two numbers between 1 and 30.

For the AU settings, pick one number between 1 and 12.

Then I will tell you what characters & AU setting you have picked and what it would be like (or possibly write a snippet from it.)

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